The Fish House

We were originally approached about this project in 2015.  After what seemed like an eternity of an approval process with the city, we were finally given the green light to proceed.  It took approximately 10 weeks of shop time to build the entire sign and almost two weeks to complete the installation. The sign was fabricated in 8 different sections.  The main portion of the sign is approximately 15 feet tall and the arrow that wraps around it is about 31 feet tall. The overall height of the sign is 40 feet. The sign has nearly 1200 LED bulbs in the arrow and nearly 700 LED bulbs in the letters.  The sign and the 14’ long fish are bordered with traditional neon. The bulbs in the arrow are controlled by a 4 channel solid state flasher. This was a very challenging and rewarding project.

  • Material:  Aluminum, Acrylic, Vinyl, LED bulbs, LED modules, NEON, Steel
  • Type:  Freestanding Main ID, Wayfinding


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